In Today’s Observer

I look at Chuck Schumer’s central role in stopping the Dubai ports deal.

Jason Horowitz wonders how firm Bloomberg II’s control of the city is.

Gabe Sherman has two nice political stories on the Times beat. The paper, he reports, is assigning yet another reporter, Anne Kornblut to the Hillary beat. Her beat seems to be Hillary’s presidential campaign, now becoming — in media eyes, at least — more an assumption than a question.

Also from Sherman: Mark Warner’s people aren’t so happy about the Times Magazine’s technicolor, Mr. Ed-like depiction of their “handsome” candidate on last week’s cover.

Matt Schuerman sees control of Ground Zero flowing away from Pataki, and already toward Spitzer.

And Joe Conason points out the difficult questions facing supporters of South-Dakota style total abortion bans: Do exceptions for make any sense? And are the authorities going to arrest patients?

In Today’s Observer