Introducing Room Eight

I’m excited, and a bit nervous, to point you to a new Web site that, I hope, will expand the running conversation among people who care about New York politics. Room Eight is a side-project that I’ve put together with Gur Tsabar, a former City Council Staffer, creative blogger, and the Times’s favorite unsuccessful City Council candidate.

The site is an online community, or group blog. It has features that should be handy — a campaign wire of new press releases and a free, open political calendar to which people can submit events. And anybody can start his or her own blog at Room Eight.

The idea for the site emerged in conversations with a number of people who are among the first bloggers. Some are doing it under their own names, like Jerry Skurnik, the voter-list guru; Rock Hackshaw, a veteran of Central Brooklyn’s Carribean politics; and Robert Hornak, a Republican activist and operative. Others are going under handles that may be familiar from The Politicker’s comments section: Lead Dog, Yoda, Gatemouth, and EnWhySeaWonk. And the anonymous author of the City Hall blog Backroomie is also joining the site.

I won’t be writing on the site, though I look forward to reading and linking it. And the writers’ opinions are very, very much their own.

So check it out.

(Oh, and why “Room Eight”? We figured it would be a kind of imaginary, parallel space beside Room Nine, the legendary City Hall press room. And it didn’t hurt that the Eighth Circle of Hell is the one Dante uses to hold politicians.)

Introducing Room Eight