It’s Coming: NYT Mag Discovers Real Estate

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Devoting an entire issue to real estate is a great idea for two reasons.

First, New Yorkers seemingly can’t get enough of the topic. Second, there’s a lot of brokerages ready to spend big money on full-color ads for their luxury developments.

Bulging to over 200 pages, this weekend’s New York Times magazine features plenty of articles, advertisements, and advertorials.

It’s honestly difficult to know where to begin.

There is the “Agents Provocateurs” piece with full-page, stylish shots of the city’s top developers and brokers. Some of those included are Aby Rosen, Dolly Lenz, and Paula Del Nunzio–whose picture is taken at Emilio Ambasz’s mansion on East 62nd Street. Not only do we find out about their current projects and biggest coups, but also fantasies and dress codes. For the record, Mr. Rosen prefers Thomas Pink cuff links.

There are at least a dozen other pieces which vary from subsidized housing, to the Donald Trump of New Orleans, and even what a 400-year old house in Amsterdam can say about today’s market.

We might need all weekend to get through it.

Michael Calderone

It’s Coming: NYT Mag Discovers Real Estate