Kenmare Square: Local Politics

One Kenmare Square.

Buildings get reputations for the kinds of people that move in. There are model buildings, banker buildings, celebrity buildings. Recently, one building seems to have become the politics building.

In January, Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler–who handled press duties during Mr. Bloomberg’s first term–purchased a $925,000 one-bedroom over at André Balazs’ undulating glass-and-brick condominium development, One Kenmare Square.

And now there’s another reason for Mr. Bloomberg to visit the ritzy building in liminal Soho (the address, on the west side of the square, nudges Nolita and feels more like it to us).

The Honorable’s ex-wife, Susan Bloomberg, recently closed on two penthouse units in the same building, at a combined cost of just over $10 million, according to deed-transfer records.

Susan Bloomberg.

Currently, Ms. Bloomberg’s primary address is about 50 miles outside of a Manhattan, on a bucolic horse farm in North Salem, N.Y. The 26-acre estate was purchased for $3.65 million in 2001.

Not that Ms. Bloomberg is a stranger to luxurious penthouse living. In 1999, she dropped $4.21 million on a nine-room spread at the tony 660 Park Avenue. The 13th-floor apartment, in a notoriously tough co-op building to get into, included two bedrooms, four bathrooms, a library, leaded glass windows and a terrace.

In April 2004, Ms. Bloomberg put the 3,500-square-foot penthouse on the market for $9.5 million, and it sold a few months later.

And if Mr. Bloomberg wants a reminder of the Giuliani years, that administration is also represented in the 53-unit condominium. Former Fire Commissioner Thomas Von Essen recently purchased a one-bedroom apartment for $746,000.

Ms. Bloomberg’s attorney declined to comment on the transaction.

No word yet on when the next condo board election takes place.

– Michael Calderone Kenmare Square: Local Politics