Lizzie Grubman, Missus

stern_grubman.jpgLizzie Grubman, the publicist who once told New York magazine that “I’m totally in bed with the Post,” did in fact do everything short of taking employees of the Post—and numerous other gossip purveyors—along on her honeymoon after her wedding on March 18th.

It’s not clear if the groom, Chris Stern, had any friends of his own in attendance this past Saturday night at Cipriani 42nd Street, but all of Ms. Grubman’s “work friends” were there—witness Page Six’s Paula Froelich in an absolutely adorable Yves St. Laurent dress. New York Daily News gossip columnist Lloyd Grove even brought the kids! Apparently they are as style-challenged as Mr. Grove himself, so Farnsworth Bentley, the hip hop artist and stylish former on-stage rabble-rouser for Sean Combs, took it upon himself to give one of Mr. Grove’s sons a much-needed pocket square to complete his outfit.

Mr. Bentley, who seemed to serve as an unofficial M.C., also made a toast to the bride and groom: “L’Chaim.”

The bride sensibly wore cream. Wedding festivities ended early enough for the gossip crowd to scatter throughout the City in their finery, on to parties far less nuptial, or at least less work-related. Lizzie Grubman, Missus