Manning’s Out, “Two Good Men” Left

Conservative longshot gubernatorial candidate Pat Manning quit the race today, leaving Weld, Daniels, and Faso to battle it out for the Republican nomination.

From his statement:

It has been an exciting ride for all the members of Team Manning. However, due to the late nature of the campaign season, I think I better serve the Republican and Conservative Parties by suspending my campaign for Governor, run for re-election as the Assemblyman for the 103rd District, and provide whatever service I can to help the Republican Party achieve victory in November, including my continued travels around this great state speaking about conservative Republican reformer values.

My race was not a vanity candidacy, but there is a time when one must step aside for the greater good of the political process.

And a parting shot at John Faso: To all my chairmen­- you have two good men in William Weld and Randy Daniels and I have no doubt you will choose wisely between them.

Manning’s Out, “Two Good Men” Left