More Pork!

I’m not sure if anyone Downstate has picked up on an important new report from the Rochester-based Center for Government Research yet, but it seems to provide some serious ammunition for the way New Yorkers see their relationship with Albany.

The report tracks lawmakers’ discretionary spending on community projects — the New York version of Federal earmarks — and finds the following for the use of $1.7 billion over the last nine years:

Benefits are not distributed equally. The differences among regions and interest groups are stark, even if a perfectly even distribution of funds would not be expected in a state as diverse as New York. Albany and Dutchess counties received about $1,000 on a per-capita basis while 40 other counties were allocated less than $100 per capita. Two counties, Tioga and Hamilton, received none of these funds. New York City’s per-capita allocation was the [lowest] among regions at $29.

Certain interests have also benefited disproportionately. The biggest winners have been the five Centers of Excellence, university-business high-tech ventures created by Gov. George Pataki in 2001, which have been allocated $529 million. Business-related projects ranked second with $380 million, while colleges and universities have reaped $221 million.

So who wants to be the state version of Pat Moynihan?

(hat tip: LDL)

More Pork!