New: The Morning Read

After recovering from that Oscar shocker (Crash beat Brokeback!?), The Politicker has gone through the papers this morning as part of a new, regular feature and found other noteworthy stories.

State lawmakers take bigger campaign contributions than the president can and spend most of it on “other” expenses, The Times reports.

The Post has a busy busy day. First, Fred Dicker got the secret, a not-so-conservative memo from KT McFarland.

Then, they have an exclusive on why big contributions aren’t needed at the City’s Dept. of Environmental Protection, whose phones were tapped in the second probe of city-awarded contracts.

At another probe, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver may testify against Clarence Norman, notes Daily News.

The Sun rips into the new Senate candidate with a brutal headline: Reagan Aides Try to Remember KT McFarland.

But not to be outdone, The Post finds a way to throw Geraldine Ferraro into a story about two murders, the mafia and porn.

Azi Paybarah

New: The Morning Read