Pascrell primary threat received an interesting e-mail from a Democratic insider active in the North Jersey Jewish community suggesting that if Congressman Bill Pascrell continues to support Sami Merhi for Passaic County Freeholder, he could risk their permanent loss of support — political and financial — and perhaps even field a candidate to oppose Pascrell in the June Democratic primary. Pascrell has remained supportive of Merhi’s candidacy even as Senator Robert Menendez and Governor Jon Corzine made it clear that they would not support the controversial Arab-American businessman even if he were to be the Democratic nominee. Merhi is under fire for comments he made at a Pascrell fundraiser equating former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon with Adolph Hitler and seemingly supporting suicide bombers in Israel. Democratic County Chairman John Currie has called a special meeting of the party leadership on Saturday morning to discuss the Merhi campaign.

Pascrell primary threat