Please No Umbrellas at My Bridal Shower

MADELEINE: When Mitch and I got engaged, I swore the year prior to our wedding wouldn’t be filled with lots of silly traditional events. So I was relieved when my aunt and uncle offered to host my bridal shower because I knew that meant a tasteful, understated event.

The shower would take place at their West Village apartment and they’d make it an informal lunch with friends, family, and presents (I’m only traditional on certain things like gifts). My mom, who was helping, swore there would be no ribbon hats, no umbrellas (It’s raining at a shower. Get it?), no trivia questions asking “What’s Mitch’s favorite sandwich?” and especially no “Wishing Well.” For those of you not from Brooklyn, a “Wishing Well” is literally a well where guests drop utensils and recipes for the blushing bride to be, since she is headed for a life of cooking for her man.

When I woke up the morning of my shower, I was pretty nervous. Mitch’s whole family had come into town from Los Angeles, which in and of itself was nerve-racking. But as I was flying out the door to head downtown, I started getting last minute phone calls from people who were backing out with “my dog ate my homework”-like excuses. That can make you feel pretty bad, especially when you have a huge pimple on your chin.


I got in a cab and headed to my aunt Salome’s apartment: It was stunning — beautiful flowers, great food, and a room spilling over with presents. Things were looking up already. Friends and family started to arrive and with the help of a little champagne, I got very used to being the center of attention.

After two hours, a bottle of champagne, and about 15 lobster rolls, I decided to open presents. My favorite one by far was the crown I had to wear that flashed “Bride to Be” in silver and purple.

Mitch arrived with flowers in hand, and before I knew it, I was asleep on his shoulder in a cab going home.

I can’t thank my aunt and uncle enough for hosting such a great shower, and my friends and family for being so kind and generous. Please No Umbrellas at My Bridal Shower