Podhoretz: Only Rudy Can Stop Hillary

I’ve been reading the galleys of John Podhoretz’s new book on Hillary Clinton, Can She Be Stopped, of which more later.

His central argument is that Hillary will win in 2008 unless conservatives take pre-emptive action now, trying to force her to choose between left and right in Senate votes and public statements. The trick, he writes, is either to push her so far left that she’s unelectable, or so far right that she inspires a Howard Dean candidacy.

Podhoretz has a list of 10 strategies the Republicans should adopt now. You can buy the book for the other eight, but here are my two favorites:

Point #1: Smoke Her Out: …This should be our cry: “We want to hear it from Hillary.” On blogs and radio shows, in letters to the editor and op-eds in newspapers, and in communications with reporters, we should insist on “hearing from Hillary.” …. This is one aspect of the Stop Hillary campaign where Republicans and conservatives can expect full help and support from the mainstream media.

Point #10: Nominate Rudy…

Podhoretz: Only Rudy Can Stop Hillary