Power Divas

Hello, I’m Giorgio Armani.

While we still love the last issue of Haute Living, there is already a new one out. This issue features some of the most powerful women in Manhattan real estate.

Find out all you’ve ever wanted to know about Pam Liebman, Dottie Herman, Louise Sunshine, and Elizabeth Stribling, who provides this story about breaking into the industry.

I was at a party in Newport, Rhode Island and I told my escort that I was looking for a job…but that I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. He asked if I had ever thought about real estate. Just an off-chance question, but afterwards…when I looked at the New York Times and read all the ads for duplexes and townhouses, it so sounded terribly glamorous that I decided to sell in real estate. I learned pretty quickly because I had a genuine knack for negotiation.

And what about each woman’s forecast for 2006? Not surprisingly, they’re quite optimistic.

Michael Calderone

Power Divas