Q & A with Kate, the Hyatt’s Liaison

aimee at menu tasting

AIMEE: “There’s our stress-free bride!” says Kate, the bright-eyed liaison at the Hyatt, who greets us in the hotel’s private dining room for our menu tasting. Silence from our confused group at the table.

“Just start bringing things out!” Kate calls cheerily, motioning to the waiter. And a barrage of salads, appetizers, canapes, and entrees start flying at us from all directions. Suddenly the table is full of plates and I am desperately hungry.

“Do you have any questions?” Kate asks me.

Nooo way! I can’t eat and talk at the same time!

But I’m a full-blown bride now and I know my priorities. The opportunies to see that my needs are met are few and far between: “Can I see the upgraded linens? Are there local hair and makeup people? What will my vegetarian friends eat? Let’s draw up a floorplan for the ballroom! Who sets up the table with the place cards? The band wants a green room–ack! How will the napkins be folded?”

While I’m driving this wedding train — and paying too little attention to the actual meal — Brian, sensing the need to pick up my slack, is concentrating with laser-like focus on the food. I finally run out of questions: “Did I forget anything?” I ask. “What else do we want to know?”

He finishes a bite of his filet: “Would it be possible to get this with a different sauce?”

Q & A with Kate, the Hyatt’s Liaison