Rove’s Nightmare?

So who’s this woman running against?

KT McFarland couldn’t bring herself to say a bad word about Hillary in her appearance last night on Hardball. Though she did seem to have her interview chops intact from the old days.

MCFARLAND: I would not vote for impeachment. I think that one of the problems that we have is this gotcha politics where people are constantly looking to divide, looking to conquer, looking to impeach.

People are even talking now about impeaching President Bush. It’s crazy. We’ve gotten this adversarial political system where all we do is look and try to find what`s wrong.

MATTHEWS: To use a phrase I heard from Hillary Clinton, you’re not part of the vast right wing conspiracy?

MCFARLAND: I`m not part of any conspiracy.

On the other hand, if you were raising your profile for a future congressional run, you might play nice. To borrow a phrase from the anti-Hillary book: Is KT … Karl Rove’s…worst nightmare?

Rove’s Nightmare?