Scaffolding Report: Blowing Off the Building

The scene at the Flatiron Building this afternoon.

Following some work on the façade, the scaffolding’s been coming off the Flatiron building at a breakneck speed lately—and in fact the fear that the breakdown could break someone’s neck prompted a flurry of ladders and engines to arrive at 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue this afternoon.

When we arrived (while having a mid-afternoon cigarette outside), firemen appeared to be manning the now-only-one-story of scaffolding checking things out.

A custodian at the Flatiron Building cited loose scaffolding as the reason for the call, though the FDNY press office only knew about a “rubbish fire” at “23rd and Park.”

“That’s the only call we’ve got for the area,” the FDNY flack said.

– Tom McGeveran

Scaffolding Report: Blowing Off the Building