Scenes from West 15th St.

Picture 012.jpg
Investigators with locked luggage leaving NYC Central Labor Council’s headquarters this afternoon.

Picture 013-2.JPG
Not exactly a black box, but something inside this suitcase kept the FBI busy all day today.

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Azi Paybarah

Picture 014.jpg
After forgetting where they parked, investigators made their way to a black SUV with a few reporters capturing their confusion.

Picture 015.jpg
Whatever was found, federal investigators preferred the black box-styled luggaged over the usual cardboard boxes. Their car, by the way, had NJ license plates. Hmmm.

Picture 017.jpg
Here, as the tight-lipped trio make their getaway, is a good reason why disposable cameras are a last resort for spot news. But hey, you could see that blur on the right as a silver lining. Not many of them were found on West 15th Street today. Scenes from West 15th St.