Sleepy bridesmaids gussying up together, like we used to for prom

AIMEE: I arrive at Jennie’s parents’ house in jeans with hot rollers in my hair. “HAP-py wedding day!” I chirp when her father answers the door. But it actually feels more like prom, the fanciest prom ever, because I’m at this house where I spent so much time growing up and we’re all getting gussied up together like we used to. The other five bridesmaids are already there sitting around the kitchen table feasting on a spread of fruit and baked goods. Everyone looks a little sleepy but this is what Jennie wanted, all of us at her house at 10:30 to get ready together.

Jennie and her parents.

Before long the house erupts into wedding prep madness: the photographer and her assistant arrive, then the videographer, the make-up artist, the hair person, all this amid the hubbub of Jennie’s parents, bridesmaids, sister/maid of honor, and two brothers getting ready at the same time. Once we’re all taken care of, it’s time to get Jennie into her dress, no easy feat. It’s a satiny, sparkly, princessy ball gown with a full skirt and loads of extra petticoats. A couple girls help her step into the dress itself then a few of us, myself included, dive under her dress and help her pull up her slip with all the fluffy crinolines. “It takes a village to put on a wedding dress,” the makeup woman says. And no, the fluffy crinolines could NOT be put on first because then she couldn’t have stepped INTO the dress, silly. And she simply can’t put the dress on over her head when her makeup and hair have already been done. Would you want your tiara to be jostled like that? I didn’t think so.

Jennie cutting her cake.

“This garter is kind of cutting off my circulation, do I really need this?” Jennie asks us. The “whatever the bride wants” groupies answer: “No, no! It’s your day! Of course not! Who needs it?”

After that, the rest of the day is far easier. We all do a champagne toast in the limo en route to the chapel with Jenny still calm and serene.

Aimee and Jennie.

The ceremony? Perfect. The reception? Perfect: Cherry blossoms as the centerpieces…After all, it IS the first day of the Cherry Blossom Festival. Let’s not forget that.

Sleepy bridesmaids gussying up together,  like we used to for prom