Stuy Square Smackdown Pt. II

Stuyvesant Park.

Councilmembers Garodnick and Mendez sent a letter to the Parks Department urging it to reconsider the plan for a private concession in Stuyvesant Square Park, between 15th and 17th streets at Second Avenue. Earlier this year, Community Board 6 passed a resolution asking the Parks Department to do the same.

There’s been much talk lately about private commercial interests in public parkland. Community Board 4 has shot down a couple of private schemes for parks in that district lately, and Community Board 5 was recently involved in an imbroglio over the redesign of Union Square Park before finally approving a plan that will allow a restaurataur to operate out of the pavilion on the park’s north end.

We have a call out to the Parks Department to see at what stage the Stuyvesant Park concession is at, and we’ll update you as soon as they get back to us.

-Matthew Grace

Stuy Square Smackdown Pt. II