Suozzi’s First Spot

Tom Suozzi’s first television spot, produced by Martin Hamburger and Rachel Gorlin, showed up via FedEx today and it is, well, peppy. Actually, the soudtrack sounds like it’s drawn from the preview for a movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme (where did he disappear to, anyway?) and possibly set in outer space.

I’ve posted it online here.

Curiously, the script circulated with the video differs from the final version in a couple of places. Suozzi says he “beat New York’s most powerful Republican machine.” The script says “political machine.” And he seems to have ad libbed a line in the middle: “And Albany — forget about it.”

Script after the jump.


Tom Suozzi: I beat New York’s most powerful Republican machine. In four years as Nassau County Executive, I’ve turned ‘the worst run county in the country’ into one of the best. I’m Tom Suozzi and I’ve never been afraid to shake things up. New York could use some of that right now. Soaring property taxes… Failing public schools … More Upstate jobs lost every year. And Albany — forget about it. I’m running for governor to fix that. Because government should work for us — not the other way around. ”

Announcer: Tom Suozzi: A different kind of Democrat for Governor. Suozzi’s First Spot