Tea at the Mayflower Hotel

aimee bridal tea everyone small

AIMEE: “Aimeeeee!” I turn around and my bridesmaid Kate greets me with open arms. “You found an outfit!” All my bridesmaids have been reading my blog and everyone’s been very concerned about my tea outfit, among other things.

One by one my ladies arrive and they all ask those burning blog questions: is the invitation issue resolved? (yes and more later); are the karaoke bachelorette plans still on? (yes, see you at Cafe Japone at 10); did Jennie find her Kitchen Aid mixer? “Yes!” Jennie chirps of her once-MIA shower gift.

aimee bridal tea with mom small
Aimee and her mom.

We take our seats at a long table, bedecked with little boxes of Godivas wrapped in bridal white ribbons and pearl clusters, among many other bride-like touches my mother engineered for this event. My mom raises her tea cup: “To Aimee and Brian!” The waiter brings around cucumber sandwiches and such.

“Thanks so much for being here guys!” I say to the group. “So I guess I should go around and introduce everyone.” I ought to act as the conduit here. So I get through Jen and my aunt Anita–giving funny anecdotes about each to break the ice, and then my audience starts losing interest in me. Slowly they all start talking with…each other. Well, would ya look at this? This is a nice time right here.

aimee bridal tea alone small
The bride.

Tea at the Mayflower Hotel