The Cockpit: That Women’s Work

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Here’s Your Change Back, Missy

The Catbox.

Today seems to be International Women’s Day, though, really, who woulda known? Even our ladyfriends over at The Catbox just gave it a lil’ round-up.

In England, the Independent goes for it in a big way though—today they’re all Women only own 1% of land, men make 9 out of 10 films. Well, buy an apartment and start shooting some movies, lazy ladies!

Or, you know, consider this. Women also had 100% of the babies. Is the Independent trying to say that silly movies are more important than cute little babies? Does the Independent hate cute little babies that much?

71 cents.

Besides, the Independent sorta blew their wad in late February, with an article called Cheated at birth; apparently Baroness von Something discovered that women make like, less than men do. 71 cents for every dollar. Because, you know, no men ever works as sole financial provider for a household.

Anyway, what the fuck can you get for 71 cents? Even a Snickers bar costs 85 cents now.
–Choire “Mmmm, Snickers!” Sicha

The Cockpit: That Women’s Work