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The NY1/Newsday poll shows Mike’s approval rating is higher than ever, even though his ads haven’t appeared in months. That same poll puts Rudy ahead of Hillary in the race to the White House.

The Sun editorializes about another poll which shows the current guy in the White House is more popular than organized labor.

The Times notes Hillary’s current campaign strategy is reminiscent of the one George W used to get into the White House.

One person trying to stop Hillary, KT McFarland, considers a few rounds of golf with Rudy as a campaign expense, the Daily News discovers.

The paper also notes the state will face a $1.2 million-a-day delay, thanks to the New York Racing Association. That’s almost as bad as the city’s plan to buy $7.5 million’s worth of disposable voting booths.

There is money to be saved, thanks to Bill Thompson’s push for a tax rebate for seniors, which he spells out in a Daily News column.

Albany Times Union notes Joe Bruno says to find out how he’ll spend this year’s pork, go FOIL it.

Bruno does say he’s likely to back a WFP-sponsored bill aimed at how Wal-Mart skirts health care costs, notes The Post. [link fixed]

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