The Psychic Sasquatch Must Be Invited, Not Shunned

KARA: Last night during some down time at work, I logged onto a wedding-planning website that I signed up for long ago and I saw the lavender countdown banner: Welcome, Kara! Six more months to go!

Brian and Kara in College

My blood ran cold. I never sensed any sort of urgency until now. I’m not prepared. Our wedding coordinator still thinks my name is Karen Bossom. My only florist meeting involved accusations such as “lack of vision” (mine). My mother just now decided to invite “the ladies from book club,” an addition that’s thrown the guest list into chaos, and Brian has announced that his cousin, the Psychic Sasquatch (his real name—he’s been on Howard Stern and everything) should be included because otherwise, as a psychic, he’ll sense he’s been shunned.

The Psychic Sasquatch Must  Be Invited, Not Shunned