The Transom is surprised! Our

The Transom is surprised! Our progressive policies on child-rape are quite well known. So to have the Dayton Daily News lauded by retard-turned-pundit Bill O’Reilly for their sympathy to child-rapists is unhappymaking at best. What about our love of child-rape?

Mr. O’Reilly’s complaint was that the News

“We never defended Judge Connor’s decision to sentence a child molester to a year of house arrest and five years’ probation,” [Dayton Daily News editor Jeff] Bruce said Tuesday in a prepared statement. “What we said is that if the judge deserves to be removed from office, then due process should be followed—the same sort of due process that Bill O’Reilly relied upon when he was sued (for sexual harassment) and, ultimately, settled out of court.”

O’Reilly was sued in 2004 by his former producer.

Fox News and Mr. O’Reilly, in their response, artfully set up Mr. Bruce with a fantastic defamation lawsuit when they called him “not an honest individual.”

The Transom is surprised! Our