Tina Barney Shoots for Corcoran


It’s been almost impossible to escape the Corcoran Group’s rebranding effort, that began on the Internet and spread throughout the city. The new ad campaign appears in magazines, at bus stops, and on billboards.

Photoserve.com takes a look at how the brokerage tapped photographer Tina Barney–who rarely does commercial work–for the campaign.

And also how it reflects the post-Barbara Corcoran transition.

“I really wanted all the photography to be original.,” says [Christina Lowris, VP, marketing and advertising]. “In the past we’ve used stock images for our advertising –and then I’ve seen them later in some hotel magazines. This is a whole new branding exercise for us as Barbara [Corcoran] has sold the company and the advertising and the photography we use is reflecting that.”

Michael Calderone

Tina Barney Shoots for Corcoran