Trader Joe’s: Rival Gangs

Grand opening crowds.

In Boston, a fair distance between Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods (known there as Bread & Circus) stores kept the rivalry between the shops to a minimum. But not here.

Sure, it may not be the Sharks and the Jets, but the two rivals–with their polos versus Hawaiian shirts–will battle it out for Union Square’s bobo shoppers.

All quiet on the front.

Like Whole Foods in New York, Bread & Circus tended to demand a higher price, and therefore, a wealthier regular crowd. Although Joe’s is not a market that one shops at exclusively, it will enhance the array of choices that 14th Street now has to offer, which also includes the smaller market, Garden of Eden.

A mix of high(er) priced Whole Foods delicacies and Trader Joe’s unique, bargain meals and wine will probably be the choice of many area residents, and the organic food-loving, L train contingent, too.

Nicole Brydson

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Trader Joe’s:  Rival Gangs