Trader Joe’s: Who Are These People?


Ok, so we’ve covered local television news crews, overly-friendly staff, and, sadly, lack of cheap wine. (Although the store is stocked on Guinness for the big holiday).

But who are these crazed shoppers, anyway?

“[With] Whole Foods, Garden of Eden, Food Emporium, and now Trader Joe’s, I’m excited,” said Peter, a self-described “foodie,” who lives at nearby Irving Place. And what got him so excited? Sliced Papaya in White Grape Juice.

“It’s so cheap,” shrieked Katie, who clutched one bag from Whole Foods and two from Trader Joe’s. Her personal favorite: Frozen Vegetable Enchiladas.

An elderly couple visiting from Massachusetts, who “go to the one in Cambridge all the time” bought plain pizza dough to make for their grandson. They’re so proud that he now lives near a Trader Joe’s.

But not eveyone left in good spirits. One man was so flustered by the crowds that he refused to speak with The Real Estate.

“I’ve been in there for a half hour and didn’t buy anything, he said. “I’m not going to stand here and talk to you.”

Is the backlash already beginning?

Mickey Ehrlich

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Trader Joe’s:  Who Are These People?