Unhealthy Relationship With Ring

ERICA: I must confess that I truly, madly, deeply still get a major kick out of staring, gawking and gazing at my engagement ring.

No offense to all of the other blushing brides out there, but it’s nicer than any other ring I’ve ever seen … ever. Sometimes I’ll just have stare-a-thons on the subway, or more embarassingly, when I’m out to lunch with someone and catch a glimpse of it as I pick up my glass of water. And then I just can’t stop looking at it–from different angles–in different lights–it’s all very sad, I know. But the more I tell myself I need to stop looking, the more I look. And then when that doesn’t work, I start to play this game and tell myself that I’m NOT allowed to look even for one tiny second or ELSE…and then I do.

Almost exactly like my ring, only slightly larger.

Lately my obsession is moving on toward what I want to do for my wedding band. I’ve become entranced with the idea of “stackable rings” and have decided that I want to get two bands in the same micro pave style my current ring is in. I’m even thinking of doing one regular diamond band and one pink diamond band…how hot would that be??!! You know what, don’t answer that. I don’t mean to drag you down into my ugly cess pool of diamond ring infatuation. Just say “no.”

Of course, I have no idea if this pink diamond thing is even doable (i.e. do I need to be J. Lo to afford it?). Time to take another trip down to the jewelry district to see our “diamond guy” Israel and find out.

Unhealthy Relationship With Ring