Vintage Palm Springs Postcards, Save-the-Date Concept Extraordinaire

erica - save the dates vintage postcards.jpg

We’re supposed be finishing up our long debated, ever-ongoing discussion tonight over which save-the-date concept we are going wtih: the vintage palm springs postcards or the old school looking airline tickets.

I say “concept” as if this were a multi-million dollar ad campaign. This is the state of insanity I’ve reached.

The postcard idea is a fab one, if I do say so myself, and I love it because I haven’t seen it done much. We have three gorgeous vintage hotel postcards that we’d use the images from on the front and would print information on the back of each. So one would be travel Info, one would be the save-the-date itself and one would be all the extra information. We’d put them all in a pretty little folder and mail them off. It would totally convey the vibe of the old Hollywood, Palm Springs, girls by the pool sipping colorful drinks thing, which is what I love most about that era. But Greg realllllly loves the airline ticket idea, and since we are doing destination it would be kinda cute to give a shout out to that aspect of the wedding. I just worry that its too cute…borderline cutesy.

But unfortunately, I sense that by giving in to Greg, I will pass along twice as much satisfaction to him than I would have received by getting my way (wow there is a lot of math involved in my post tonight).

So airline tickets it is. Little does he know that I already have a backup plan: use my vintage postcards for the welcome bags in the hotel rooms!

Vintage Palm Springs Postcards,  Save-the-Date Concept Extraordinaire