Weld on Debates: “Que La Fete Commence”

If Spitzer and Weld are the main nominees for Governor, it’s easy to see some fascinating debates: Two smart, confident, Harvard Law grads, each sure he’s smarter than the other guy.

I asked Weld about this yesterday, and he suggested ground rules:

“The format is Lincoln-Douglas — candidates addressing questions directly to each other. And I would say a good number would be six.”

“If Attorney General Spitzer is game for anything like that scale of enterprise,” he said. “Que la fete commence.”

Which is French for “let’s get this party started.”

He added that Spitzer shouldn’t have anything to fear.

“He should want to debate me. He was on Harvard Law Review, and I was not, and I almost made John Kerry the President of the United States by serving as his punching bag for eight televised debates.”

Weld on Debates: “Que La Fete Commence”