What Would Lenora Do?

Lord Richard Rogers–the architect who almost lost his job on the Javits Center expansion–is no Lenora Fulani Lenora Fulani. That’s one of her allies in the Independence Party, attorney Harry Kresky explained it during a party meeting on Saturday in midtown.

According to Kresky,

Shelly Silver, the speaker of the New York State Assembly [and] Anthony Weiner, a congressman who ran for mayor, both Jews by the way, essentially said that unless this architect recanted, backed down,and said that he is pro-Israel, and that he attended the meeting by accident, that they would make sure he didn’t get the contract. And unlike Dr. Fulani, this architect backed down and recanted. So that’s the level of muscling that’s going on in the Independence Party and in the country right now.

By the way.

Azi Paybarah

What Would Lenora Do?