Who Hates Hillary?

Hillary’s occasional booing on the St. Patrick’s Day parade route raised the question: Are Irish guys (to a demographer, white Catholics) in fact the slice of America that hates Hillary most?

I asked ABC News pollster Gary Langer about this. His answer: not quite.

“Sen. Clinton is far less popular among evangelical white Protestants than she is among Catholics, including Catholic men,” he emailed.

He also helpfully sent on some of the breakdown of Hillary’s national favorable numbers from the gold-standard ABC News/Washington Post Hillary poll.

Here they are, listed as favorable-unfavorable percentages:

All 52-46
Men 49-48
Women 54-44
Whites 46-52
Nonwhites 71-25
White Catholics 54-46
White Protestants 39-59
Evangelical white Protestants 32-66

Unfortunately (for St. Patrick’s Day Parade explanation purposes), there’s no cross-tab for intoxication.

Who Hates Hillary?