Zak Pelaccio’s New Digs


A correspondent to foodie blog Eater is reporting that Zak Pelaccio is opening up a new restaurant at the top of a building at the southwest corner of 27th Street and Fifth Avenue. Most of the 22,000 square feet is said to be a lounge, with a corner mapped out as a restaurant and dim sum carts trolling around for customers throughout.

Eater categorizes it as Flatiron–which is a whole other issue. (We seem to remember the Times trying to dub this area, which is neither Gramercy Park nor, probably, Flatiron, nor Murray hill, “Nomad,” a roughed-up “North of Madison Square.” We don’t care to look it up.)

At any rate, another place to spend an expense account in this newly fashionable southeastern edge of what we always had previously thought of as the Wigs-Hats-Bags district (“Al Por Mayor!”), but which probably now can’t be called that.

– Tom McGeveran

Zak Pelaccio’s New Digs