3,200 Square Feet of Ceiling

Janel Patterson, spokeswoman for the city Economic Development Corporation, says it was the false ceiling (not roof as we had briefly reported before) of the baggage x-ray room that had collapsed this morning, 3,200 square feet total.

“Six workers were injured, none appeared to be serious at the time,” she told us. “All of them walked out of the room. One of them got on a stretcher but the others were fine. An ambulance took them to the hospital. There was no blood or anything.”

The room will be cleaned up this afternoon and the April 15 opening is still on, she said.

The x-ray room was where stevedores would bring the luggage of boarding passengers and would not be an area where the public would have assembled, Patterson said. The cause of the collapse is under investigation.

Matthew Schuerman

3,200 Square Feet of Ceiling