Andrew Sullivan Sees Straight in New ‘Out’ Editor

Yesterday, Time‘s blogger Andrew Sullivan announced that the new editor of Out magazine is a heterosexual. “Seriously, I think it’s great that a straight guy is now heading up a gay magazine,” he wrote.

While that idea fits nicely with Mr. Sullivan’s theories on the continued blurring of straight and gay culture and identity, it doesn’t quite deliver, as Out‘s new editor, Aaron Hicklin, is actually not a heterosexual.

Mr. Hicklin and Mr. Sullivan have never met, although Mr. Sullivan did once write approvingly of a review by Mr. Hicklin in Gear magazine of a Moby album.

“He’s going to be very disappointed when he sees my first issue devoted to Judy Garland,” Mr. Hicklin said from the Black Book offices. “And the Cher issue!”

Mr. Hicklin is staying at Black Book long enough to close the June/July issue; he will then immediately transfer to Out, without a break.

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