Asa Julian Paparo

March 25, 2006

1:23 p.m.

7 pounds, 10 ounces

Beth Israel Hospital

“I would have been weirded out if I had a little blond baby,” said Dorie Lederfajn Paparo, content director at the interactive marketing agency Greater Than One, of her dark-haired firstborn son with her husband of three years, Ari Paparo, director of “rich media” at Double Click (is there a “poor media,” we wonder?). The parents are both 35-year-old brunets who attended Stuyvesant High School, though they didn’t know one another there, only meeting at their 10th reunion. The family currently shares a one-bedroom on the Lower East Side, where Ms. Paparo grew up. Mr. Paparo wants to defect to Brooklyn, but: “I’m trying to hold on to my roots,” she said. The couple does agree on one thing: Asa’s gonna get into Stuyvesant! “We’re going to start showing him flashcards,” Mom joked.

Asa Julian Paparo