Ballot Blues

At the Democratic state convention coming up next month, the Politicker has been told, candidates without 25 percent of the vote will not be able to speak or have a place on the Democratic primary ballot in September (unless they petition to do so).

Andrew Cuomo could have been a victim of this rule in 2002 (he bypassed the convention and went straight to petitioning) when he ran against Carl McCall for the gubernatorial nomination.

Four years later, as front runner for attorney general, it seems he will be the beneficiary of it. When running for governor, Cuomo was quoted telling his backers, “I want to be the candidate who was placed on the ballot by the people, not by the party.”

In another blast from the past, something that could trouble the leading Democratic candidates in this year’s AG race is if Denise O’Donnell can coalesce her support as Karen Burstein did when she ran against G. Oliver Koppell, Charles Hynes and Eliot Spitzer in 1994, effectively splitting the primary ticket in her favor even though she lost the general.

—Nicole Brydson

Ballot Blues