Bundlers’ delight

Senator Chuck Schumer has been a busy fund-raising bee.

The latest national senatorial campaign committee numbers are out, and it looks like the DSCC — which Schumer chairs — has once again outraised its Republican alter ego, the NRSC. No doubt the committee also owes some credit to the various White House and Congressional scandals that have rocked the GOP these last few months.

According to the committees’ March filings, the DSCC raised nearly $ 7 million in March, bringing the total amount raised for the 2006 campaign cycle $56.4 million. The committee has spent $24.6 million and now has $32.1 million on hand.

But the NRSC — chaired by North Carolina Senator Elizabeth Dole — has also done a decent job of milking its donors this past month. The committee raised $5,043,456 in March, bringing its 2006 total to $50.4 million, the Hotline reports. It has $16.5 million on hand.

Now it remains to see what both committees do with all their loot.

— Lizzy Ratner Bundlers’ delight