Can We Pump Up the Harvard Plagiarism Story?

How big will the Harvard plagiarism story get? That is to say, can you and I in the feverish proportion-lacking blogosphere push it up into the 9th circle of Frey-Ratherism?

You can’t deny it has real curb appeal. Harvard. A pretty girl. $500,000. But there’s got to be an actual new angle in terms of media corruption, and Alex Beam in the Globe may have put his finger on it.

She shares the valuable copyright on her first novel with ”book packager” Alloy Entertainment, which helped flesh out the novel’s concept.

Beam thinks someone’s going to blame Alloy for the lifts. Huh. But what’s going on here? What makes a book like this come to “life”? What do packagers actually do? More to come. Can We Pump Up the Harvard Plagiarism Story?