Cat Watch, Day 14

It must be a slow news day.

It’s no Snakes on a Plane, but a mini-blockbuster is shaping up in Greenwich Village. Molly the cat is currently starring in Cat in the Wall, trapped in the basement walls of 634 Hudson. Apparently the critter decided to go spelunking, but neglected to use a safety rope.

We called Animal Care and Control, a nonprofit that’s spearheading the rescue, and a spokeswoman said that the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission is cooperating with the rescuers, allowing them to chip away holes in the facade of the landmarked building to allow Molly’s escape.

If you were a cat, would you come out?

But so far it’s been to no avail, as evidenced by these pictures from this afternoon. We can’t help thinking that the crowd isn’t helping to lure Molly out.

-Matthew Grace

Update: Molly is safe!! Cat Watch, Day 14