Cher’s ‘Believe’ and Kenny G?! ‘I’m a Bride in the Headlights.’

AIMEE: Brian and I settle in for our final consult with our wedding planner Jennifer Arezzo of A Simple Wish and the barrage of questions begins: menu choices, linens, gift bags, songlist…songlist, stop! Now she’s hit a hot-button issue, one we care about deeply. We’ve got a dancing crowd and the band, which I chose partly because they had played Cal Ripken Jr’s wedding years ago and I’m a big Orioles fan (so kill me, there are worse ways to make decisions and they really are supposedly one of the best in Baltimore), had promised me they would learn a slew of new songs by April. I was looking for a little Black Eyed Peas, some Gwen Stefani, a Beyonce or two.

Jennifer hands me the list. It’s organized by decade so I flip past the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s to get to the heading “Current.” Jennifer is ominously silent as I read down the page and see the five songs listed which include Cher’s “Believe” and something by Kenny G. The panic sets in. I struggle to remain calm.

“Um, so this is the NEW list?” It can’t be. It can’t be. “I mean, Kenny G??!!!”

Jennifer speaks in a low tone, like a mother talking to her child who lost her favorite toy. “I’ve been sick about this. But I have it in writing that we booked them contingent upon them learning 10-15 new songs.”

I’m a bride in the headlights.

“I know,” Jennifer says. “I promise we’ll get this fixed…” Now she tries to distract me: “Have you thought about when you want to take pictures?” But I can’t concentrate on anything besides Kenny G.

I have a painful 24 hours, but the very next day I get an email from Jennifer: The band’s finally buckling down to focus on what they need to: Black Eyed Peas’ “Let’s Get It Started” for starters. Victory.

Cher’s ‘Believe’ and Kenny G?!  ‘I’m a Bride in the Headlights.’