Chuppah Hoopla

ERICA: Up until recently, I had no idea that “custom chuppah designer” existed as a job category. But of course it does. There are wedding gown stylists, thank you note writing companies, “Life Combination” marriage coaches, and custom chuppah designers too. And now we’ve got one.

Diana, our custom chuppah designer, is as gentle and helpful as Carol Brady and in the course of our conversation, she notices that my eyes light up most when we talk about an “heirloom chuppah” (constructed of meaningful elements from our lives – could be fabric, photographs or anything else). I’m thinking of using a piece of my baby blanket, an old silk tie of my grandpas, pictures of both sets of parents and grandparents on their wedding days, and even fabric from my own wedding dress. Diana will then work her magic and turn all of these wonderful memories into a stylishly designed, fully functional wedding canopy.

The task of figuring out all of the fun pieces to include in our chuppah has now edged out a.) choose a first dance song and b.) make a decision about the cake vs. cupcake debate as tops on our list. Chuppah Hoopla