Cosmo Gets Prized Spot in Hearst Tower


Office assignments went out yesterday to the more than 2,000 employees of Hearst magazines, with Cosmopolitan getting the highest floor for any individual title, reports the New York Post.

(It’s sort of like that moment in the summer when you get the best homeroom assignment, except with Central Park views).

Since two mechanical floors are situated on the top, the 44th floor is devoted to lavish conference rooms, and the 43rd will house Hearst Magazine President Cathie Black. And then, come the top-tier publications.

Cosmopolitan, the most profitable magazine in the empire, has the highest floor for an individual magazine, the 38th. Oprah Winfrey, whose O magazine is the second most profitable in the company behind Cosmo, will be on the 36th.

The Norman Foster- designed tower has been getting plenty of press lately. Last weekend, the 46-story building graced the cover of the New York Times “Arts and Leisure” section, in a piece on green buildings. Move-in starts on May 4th.

But, most importantly, what about the Hearst cafeteria?

Caf&#233 57, a full service cafeteria that insiders say plans to offer sushi five days a week – compared to archrival Cond&#233 Nast which only has sushi twice a week in its Frank Gehry-designed employee cafeteria in Times Square.

Ouch. That hurts almost as much as the new Cond&#233 Nast cafeteria policy.

Michael Calderone

Cosmo Gets Prized Spot in Hearst Tower