Do Guests Compare Thank You Notes?

ERICA: I read this article today about how to write an interesting thank you note.

I fancy myself a pretty good “thank you note writer,” but even I’m feeling a bit tapped out at the moment. Being a bride has required me to generate snazzy, clever, well written thank you notes like no other time in my life, and I’m close to reaching the point of scrawling “THANKS” across the page in red crayon.

I’m paranoid about sending standard thank you notes as I’ve convinced myself that all my guests are spending hours on the phone with one another comparing my overused adjectives and dangling participle issues.

The imagined conversations go something like this:

Guest #1: We sent Erica and Greg champagne flutes, so she wrote “We can’t wait to toast together sometime soon” on her thank you card.

Guest #2: WAIT A MINUTE! We sent wine glasses and she wrote the same thing to us!

Guest #1: Oh my! That is disgusting!

I know it’s a good idea to refer to the gift in your thank you and even mention how excited you are to use it. But there are certain gifts that don’t exactly lend themselves to this:

Dear Aunt Clara,
Thank you so much for the wonderful hand towels you sent! We can’t wait to get our hands filthy, break open a new bar of zesty soap and dry off with our gorgeous, fluffy new towels.
Greg & Erica

If hand towels seem challenging, try writing a thank you note for sheets (can’t wait to rumple them up!) or corn on the cob holders (bar-b-ques will never be the same again!).

Some of my fave thank you note resources:

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Tobi Wood Designs – gorgeous, bright, nature themed cards
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Shades of Violet – yummy, glittery thank yous and stationery
Jack & LuLu – A fun, modern spin on traditional thank you notes
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Do Guests Compare Thank You Notes?