Duke Justice: Let the Smearing Begin!

I’m an idiot; I didn’t understand the Duke story till I saw Kim Roberts talking on CNN this morning. Finally, a cast of characters.

Kim Roberts is “the second stripper” in the drama, the one who didn’t allegedly get raped. The press used to call her an “exotic dancer.” Happily we are over that euphemism.

Bad news for the defense: Roberts is spirited and in touch with her emotions. In the interview, she rolled her eyes as she mock-apologized to her mother for disrespecting her by working as a stripper.

Already the defense has started smearing her. Saying she is bought by the prosecutor by getting a break on some historic infraction. Circulating an email showing that she has been in touch with a P.R. firm so as to make the most of this situation.

So all the characters are lined up for a new age racial conflict. Entitled white kids with well-paid smearing friends versus feisty black strippers backed by the zealous demagoguing prosecutor.

The women will get smeared partly because they have histories. Of course this is the great thing about strippers and prostitutes in stories, why they’re on the police shows, why they’re in Crime and Punishment. They’re extreme characters. They take risks other women don’t. I’m pulling for them already. Sharpen your claws, ladies. Duke Justice: Let the Smearing Begin!