Eric Alterman, Low-Level Celebrity, a Foe of Page Six, “Always” and “Often”

Eric Alterman, Mediekritiker

“In any case,” wrote Eric Alterman on the Huffington Post yesterday, “I am about as low-level a celebrity as exists anywhere. And yet whenever [sic] see my name on P6, it’s always something nasty and often something inaccurate.”

Here are Eric Alterman’s three Page Six mentions:

March 28, 2004: Fresh from a bizarre on-air showdown with CNBC talk-show host Dennis Miller, left-wing MSNBC pundit Eric Alterman has accused The New York Observer of doing a second “hatchet job” on him. […] When we tried to contact Alterman for comment, he e-mailed us back: “I don’t have a lot to say. I enjoy PAGE SIX but I don’t admire it. I imagine most people feel that way.” Mee-ouch!
March 12, 2003: The Week magazine held a forum on media bias featuring Janeane Garofalo, Arianna Huffington, Eric Alterman and William McGowan.” […] Jeff Jarvis: “hey, if you’re going to get dissed by someone, it’s much better to be dissed by Brown than Alterman.”
August 6, 1999: We hear… That journalist/gadfly Philip Nobile overheard two clerks at the Strand bookstore complaining about Nation columnist Eric Alterman. ‘He’s a whiner,’ said one. ‘Yeah,’ said the other. ‘The first time I met him I almost punched him.’
Eric Alterman, Low-Level Celebrity, a Foe of Page Six, “Always” and “Often”