Friday Blog Stroll

We swear this is a joke.

It’s Good Friday, and we’re still in holiday mode. So it seemed like a good time for a blog stroll, since so little else is happening out there.

Gawker has it completely unconfirmed that Bill and Hillary Clinton will be feted by Ron Burkle.

Media Bistro’s Fishbowl NY blog points us to a Rob Corddry interview in the Onion where he discusses the Daily Show’s nightly guests.

Sometimes now we have to offer disclaimers, where we didn’t have to before. We have to actually say, “Look, I think you’re really funny, but none of your jokes are going to make it on the air. So just answer my questions. Seriously.”

And Daily Kos has an interesting take on a new Republican ad attacking Harry Reid.

—Nicole Brydson Friday Blog Stroll