Gonnerman Leaves [em]Village Voice[/em]

Village Voice investigative reporter Jennifer Gonnerman resigned from the paper on Monday, according to Voice sources. Gonnerman, 35, was a Livingston Award winner in 2000 and a National Book Award finalist in 2004. Her 2004 book Life on the Outside chronicled the effects of the Rockefeller drug laws through the story of Elaine Bartlett, a first-time offender sentenced to 16 years in prison.

Gonnerman left to further pursue book writing, Voice sources said. Amid turnover at the Voice, Gonerman was said to have told executives from the paper’s new owner, New Times, that they should be tapping into the talent of current staff.

Gonnerman couldn’t be reached for comment. Interim editor in chief Ward Harkavy said of her resignation, “I consider that personally and professionally a real loss. I’m saddened by that. Anybody who’s worked with her would be saddened by her loss.”

–Gabriel Sherman Gonnerman Leaves [em]Village Voice[/em]