Good Morning, Politickers

So, Ben Smith is now up and running over at the News. There’s even a headshot, which I hear Ben’s Hollywood agent supplied the Daily News after it failed to land him a cameo on the The West Wing. (Ba-dum-dum!)

Seriously, folks. There’s already been a ton of suggestions, comments and “preemptive abuse” in the comments section, which I’m sure he wouldn’t have any other way. Keep at him–what doesn’t kill Ben Smith only makes him blog more.

One commenter has already asked what’s happening with the Politicker. The kinds of people who can handle this crowd don’t grow on trees. In fact we’ve managed to pluck someone–and it’s someone you’ll know–but at the risk of being coy, I can’t tell you who quite yet. (Initiate guesswork in the comments section, please!) Soon, soon.

In the meantime, Nicole Brydson and Jason Horowitz, whom you know, and Lizzy Ratner, whom many of you will know, will try to keep you fed over the next couple of weeks, and I’ll just sort of be quarterbacking and administering the thing.

Who am I? I sort-of convene another blog on this site, The Real Estate; and I’ve worked closely with Ben and Terry Golway and our political staff over the last five or so years.

Be kind. We’re still raw and new to the web world, blinking in the harsh light like tiny bunnies. But do keep reading. And send us little news pellets.

When Ben started the Politicker, we were amazed how few tried to follow his lead. Surely, we said, there’s an appetite for more of this stuff?

Now you’ve got both Ben Smith and the Politicker. So we can double your pleasure.

Good luck, Ben, and, Hello World.

– Tom McGeveran Good Morning, Politickers