Here Comes Louise Junior

A couple days ago, we mentioned some of the changes over at Corcoran Sunshine Marketing. Since last summer, when Louise Sunshine stepped into her new role as chairwoman emeritus, there has been loads of industry chatter about what her new duties would be.

To recap: Jeff Yamaguchi, hired as C.O.O. right after Ms. Sunshine stepped down, only lasted about six months. And this week, Kelly Kennedy Mack became division president, and Tricia Hayes Cole was named chief operating officer of the developmental marketing.

Now, Ms. Sunshine assures The Post that she is not being pushed out, and things are running according to plan

And Sunshine, also in the process of “creating a think tank that for Corcoran Sunshine, is particularly happy with Mack’s appointment.

“For the past four years, I’ve been grooming Kelly as my heir apparent,” said Sunshine, chairwoman emeritus with the company. “She is a person of incredible talent, intelligence and finesse – a Louise Junior.”

Think tank? We’re hoping to hear more about that in the future.

Michael Calderone Here Comes Louise Junior